Earn INR 30,000 per Month

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there any Qualification to this work?

No, its not required. If you know internet browsing its enough.

Should I work in timings?

No, You can work in your free time or night time, But for good income work daily 2-3 hours, If you want to earn more work as many hours as possible.

How much can I get for online form filling?

For each online form filling you will get INR 50 to 150, depending upon the length of the form.

How much time it takes for each form filling?

It takes 5 to 15 minutes for each form filling.

How much can I earn from each person I join?

Each person joined from your referral code, you will get 500rs in commission and 20% of their life time earning.

How much referral can I join ?

Unlimited members you can refer, there is no limitations.

If I register, Do I have to do both Online form filling and referring job ?

No, you work any one of them you wish or you can work both but referring others is power full job where you can earn unlimited income to your hard work.

If I don’t know How to work, What can I do?

No Problem, when you register all trainings will be provided in package.

Is there any target & time limit?

No targets or time limit, you can work for your wish.

Is there any extra fees after buying the package ?

No extra charges or hidden charges after registration 1500rs will be once in life time.

How can I get my payment?

Your payment will sent to your house address or your registered address if you want check or transferred to paypal, in referring others jobs you payment will be sent to your bank account directly.

When I will get the payment?

You can get your payment in 15 days mode or monthly payment. In referring jobs you will get the payment every week.

If I am a Student, Can I work?

Yes, You can. There is no age limit even anyone can also work if they have basic computer knowledge.

Is any membership or registration charge to start?

Yes, to start this work we will provide your training kit to work, there will be one e-booklet (CD). It contains detailed training and everything about the how to fill online form filling and referral code to refer other and make money.